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Knowing exactly “who does what”, “how” and “in what time” is all it takes to best organize the professional firm. On this basis we have defined:

Map of the skills, to be able to consult the specialization of each individual employee and the names of the people in charge for the processes;

Procedures to be used, by using a software that manages the flow chart and work instructions;

Continuous training to ensure service quality and make the employees grow from both a professional and a personal point of view;

Personal and Team Goals for a continuous improvement;

Tools for daily informing employees and customers on the obligations and opportunities provided by the standard;

Periodic questionnaires to verify the Customer Satisfaction, understand the needs and explore new opportunities for the businesses.

Expertise to ensure quick and quality responses;

Weekly meetings to train, share and brainstorm;

Time Sheet, a software to monitor timings and equally distribute workloads;

Innovative Communication Channels (Skype for Business, Go to webinars, Webex, email, online FAQ’s) to reduce travel costs and response times;

Partnership, to assist customers in areas related to the Employment Consultancy (eg. Safety, Administration, Financed Training, Legal assistance, pensions, facilitated agreements for the purchase of vouchers, etc.).

Our organization complies with that of G11, the network of professionals which includes our firm.

Roles, responsibilities and skills are defined in a pyramidal way, both as Group and as single Firm. This innovative system of sharing with other labour consultants allows to join forces and optimize the processes and specialties of each Firm of the Group.


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