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Our growth

In 1990 Studio Paserio performed its first steps into the market of Employment Consultancy and Personnel Administration. Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of the owner of the firm and her collaborators, Studio Paserio keeps specializing until 2005, when its customers began to demand something more than what the traditional Consultant could offer. Difficult moments make you think and make you grow.

So 2006 begins: the year of change.

Things began to be seen with different eyes; no longer with the eyes of a professional consultant, but with those of an entrepreneur. A new firm was needed: organized, skilled and attentive to customer needs. The change has been strong and, internally, the resistance to innovation has been felt more than ever. The foresight, however, has taken over and the growth has continued. We focused our attention on the training of the staff through courses, not only technical, but also aimed to increase personal growth, awareness interest in innovation projects.

our-growthWe formed a corporation together with other professionals to share ideas and projects. We invested in technology, computerized operating procedures and establishing defined roles, by mapping skills, inserting delegation, setting clear and measurable objectives, to obtain the Quality Certification ISO 9001: 2008 by Bureau Veritas. Staff development, process monitoring, attention to the customer have finally shown their results, transforming the firm into a “problem solver”.


Today we see ourselves as a partner of the customer because we support the entrepreneur in its strategic choices by using the technical knowledge to add value to the company. Our growth is an example for our customers, for whom we provide a service aimed at business analysis, human resources organization and management.

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