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It's the division that indicates the way to go, and make sure that the culture, philosophy and values ​​of the firm are maintained and preserved. And 'that coordinates all other division by establishing strategic planning and goals to achieve. Preserves the heritage of know-how: rights, knowledge, technologies and materials.


It's the division that is constantly developing organizational strategies and solutions to optimize resources and increase the efficiency of the structure and maximum customer satisfaction. To achieve that end, the division will ensure that technological tools are always safe, functional and avant-garde for the achievement of objectives.


The vision of this division makes it possible to look to the future with great concreteness committing most of the resources for innovation and technological development. The division following the web marketing and analyzes the market by constantly promoting new services for continuous satisfaction of the customer needs. It ensures the effective deployment of the good name of the firm, also use the Web, organizing events, webinars, video recordings and taking care of personal interviews and editorial publications.


It collects and analyzes the needs of customers by ensuring a high quality of service and effectiveness of the management processes of the firm. To achieve that goal the division studying and constantly realizes organizational and management solutions making continuous improvements with the division support "Technological Innovation"


The Division ensures prepared and motivated employees, with ethics and with a clear vision of its role and responsibilities. The Division constantly organizes internal training courses, classroom courses and e-learning to ensure adequate training of all staff personnel. The Division coordinates with external training companies to also ensure a careful and specific training, financed, staff of client companies.


The Division maintains the assets of the firm.
Performs economic analysis and financial ensuring the timely payment of suppliers and the proper management of billing and debt collection.


The Division provides timely advice service, ordinary and extraordinary, for the resolution of issues concerning the work. The Division establishes the quality standards of professional preparation and ensures that experts are constantly updated and trained. The cooperation with the G11 group of professionals, guarantees high professional quality answers to even the most complex questions from customers.


The Division manages the dispute between the employee and the employer, accompanying the customer in the best choice for the resolution of the litigation. The Division ensures the proper application of the provisions of law for the purposes of the accusation and the relevant disciplinary measures. In the event of a labor dispute we assist clients and law offices, in all phases of litigation by offering optimal solutions and personal advice.


And 'the division that ensures proper and timely development of the Unique Book and careful management of the administration of the personnel of client companies including the preparation and transmission of annual reports.
To achieve the purpose the firm uses innovative tools and a regulatory and professional updating daily with news and access to various databases and online periodicals.


It's the division that is interested in implementing solutions designed to improve business organization, optimization of personnel costs, the maintenance of a peaceful business climate and motivation of personnel of client companies.
To achieve the purpose, the HR Problem Solver goes to the company actively listening to the entrepreneur and employees to understand the origin of the conflict and resolve disputes by opening channels of communication and finding solutions to make people feel win win parts."

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