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Personnel Administration Online Questions

Type of customers managed

Studio Paserio administers the staff of enterprises of different types of merchandise. By way of example it has highlighted certain CCNL applied by our client companies:

Agents and representatives (for “Enasarco”)
Agricultural (OTD, OTI, Employees, Cooperative)
Building managers
Chemical (Industry, SMEs, Artisans)
Cleaning (Multiservice Industry, Artisans)
Clothing (Industry)
Construction (Industry, SMEs, Artisans)
Cooperatives (including the social and agricultural)
Dental (Artisan)
Domestic helpers and caregivers
Estate agents
Executives (Industry, SMEs, Tertiary and Local Authorities)
Graphics – Publishing (SMEs)
Grocers, Bakers (Artisan)
Gyms and sports facilities
Hairstyles – aesthetics (Artisan)
Institution Social Assistance UNEBA (for Foundations, Special Agencies, Local Authorities)
Laundries (Artisan)
Local Authorities, Foundations, Special Agencies
Metalworking (Industry, SMEs, Artisans)
Plastic, Rubber (Industry, SMEs, Artisans)
Professional Studies
Tertiary and services
Textiles (Industry, SMEs, Artisans)
Transport (Industry, SMEs, Artisans)
Travel agencies
Urban cleaning (Private and Municipal)
Wood firms

If you want more information, contact us to request an appointment by filling out the form.

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