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Personnel Administration Online Questions

Personnel cost: accounting and budget

In many companies, the cost of personnel is not seen from the right point of view: it is important to proceed with an attentive analysis of the data used in the payroll processing in order to extract information that can help the entrepreneur to manage budgets and business strategies.

The labor consultant, in this context, can suggest to the company the setting of cost allocations and the use of tools which assist the entrepreneur in achieving his goal.

Calculating the personnel cost

There are many variables to be considered for a correct calculation of the personnel cost and, depending on your needs, you can extrapolate a lot of information: hourly and monthly personnel costs, financial summaries, absenteeism, prospects of holidays and leaves, deferred charges and severance indemnities: each one with one or more allocations according to the needs (by cost center, by employee, by sector, by department, etc.). The monthly results are very important, but equally important are the annual ones.

Studio Paserio assists its customers to understand the impact of personnel costs in the management of their company by providing them budget estimates, final balances and budget deviations. Especially in the case of expansion, business renovation or internal reorganization, Studio Paserio is responsible for analyzing business costs in the best way and assess their influence on the financial statements.

Another useful tool that Studio Paserio provides to its customers so as to automate registrations, is accounting. Thanks to this process, you can set the accounts plan in our management tool (maintaining the same items you use in your company) in order to import the personnel costs in the company accounting.

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