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The service management of payrolls takes care of taxes, contributions, wages and contracts regulating the business collaboration. A specific application monitors the time and way of execution of such procedures. Studio Paserio manages the data flow coming from the presence detector and inserts it into the payroll program “Zucchetti”. With it the manager of the firm processes, checks and converts the data in the company register and in the monthly documentation aimed to fulfill all the mandatory requirements provided by the law, by the contract rules and by the routine.

Payroll: advantages of a dedicated consultant

The employee who manage the payroll handling ensures the proper management of the remuneration system of company employees and monitors the timing and modality of the practices.

Studio Paserio identifies, for each customer, a specific contact in order to have a single dedicated person who maintains a continuous and direct contact with the company throughout the elaboration of payrolls. Once the papers are obtained, they will be inserted in the confidential area of the Digital Archives, and a warning email will be sent, attesting the publication.

As delegate mediator, Studio Paserio will:

  • send Uniemens monthly complaints;
  • proceed with the payment of the F24 form through Entratel;
  • prepare and submit any complaints to the bilateral agencies, welfare and insurance funds and funds related to particular types of sectors.

Furthermore, in compliance with the legal deadlines, Studio Paserio will prepare and electronically exhibit compulsory annual reports such as INAIL self- liquidation, CU form, 770 form and complaints for equal opportunities and disability.

Finally, for an immediate import in home banking, Studio Paserio will provide both the file of nets (to pay wages by bank transfer) and the file of the F24 form (to pay contributions, insurance premiums and tax deductions).

“Employee Suite”: automatic distribution of payroll

Our customers can take advantage of the “Employee Suite”, a technologically advanced instrument that can, depending on the module activated, unzip the file of the company register and automatically send payroll to their employees via e-mail. Thanks to this program, you can also manage the company notice board, define projects and timing through timesheet, manage refunds of expenses, business trips, vacation requests and other documents pertaining to personnel departments. Choosing Studio Paserio, structured companies will be able to easily set up all the procedures for payroll management.

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