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Personnel Administration

Being experts in Personnel Administration implies having specialized expertise in the administrative, labor law, fiscal and accounting field, that will allow to:

  • Register the employees attendances
  • Record data in the payrolls
  • Verify the observance of the working hours regulation
  • Elaborate salaries


In addition, the Study Paserio deals with:

  • Calculate contributions, bonuses, tax payments
  • Write annual reports
  • Advise companies on regulations, contributions, taxes and economic opportunities in order to minimize the business costs

Monitored processes, granted results and fast responses make the entrepreneur feel safe and free to dedicate his/her time to the business strategy.


Excellence in the Personnel Administration

Studio Paserio believes that managing companies staff means guaranteeing a Quality service. For this reason we yearly invest on:

  • Training and professional development of the staff
  • Continuous improvement of the office, thanks to organization and process innovation
  • Technology, to have instruments that ensure the service result and to automate processes

Taking care of our clients is our priority, therefore:

  • In 2007 we obtained the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification from Bureau Veritas
  • We stipulated a RC professional insurance with a primary insurance company


Advantages of IT tools in Personnel Administration

How to automatize the Personnel Administration? With innovative IT tools that allow to acquire data, publish and view documents, exchange information in an effective and efficient process.

Which instruments does the office offer to its clients?

  • Customer Suite – online platform where the client can get information, train and communicate with the office, send and receive documents
  • Employee Suite – for the automatic distribution of payrolls to employees

Discover more in IT tools in Personnel Administration.
Book your appointment by filling out the contact form and choose Studio Paserio for the administration of the staff of your company.

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