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Labour Consulting Online Questions

Call for tenders and labour costs

How do you win a call for tender?

The keystone is a meticulous analysis of the announcement by the technicians who develop detailed reports, targeting the quality of the service on one side, and the price of the tender notice on the other. To set the price of the tender notice, the responsible must define the impact of staff costs and, not having experience in the field, it often simply applies the costs defined by ministerial decrees.

It’s clear that in this way the cost of labor will be standardized.

We often do not stop to think that the cost that will be faced by the companies will have a different impact than the ones defined by the Ministry. This is when the Labour Consultant intervenes. With their experience and their technical background, they can support the entrepreneur in defining a real and more competitive labor cost.

Studio Paserio has developed this specialization for several years, studying the different architecture of the cost items and supporting its customers in the tender notice to win services at airports, subways and State railroads.

If you’re going to participate in a call for tender contact us, we will help you to win the race.

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