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Labour Consulting Online Questions

Facilitated and flexible recruitment

We know very well that the cost of labor in Italy is one of the most expensive ones if compared to the European and non-EU averages, but it is also true that there are facilitated recruitments from the contributive, fiscal and economic point of view, which can help to lower the cost of labor. There are as well types of contracts that can make the relationship more flexible than the so-called “traditional” one. As for the facilitated recruitment in recent years we have adopted many measures to promote employment of the most vulnerable or of the victims of the crisis. These are mainly economic contributions and tax cuts given to employers for hiring certain categories of workers (unemployed, women, young, disadvantaged people, etc.) or for stabilizing precarious employment relationships.

Unburdening for recruitment

Our system contains a number of incentives and measures to increase employment and stimulate economic development through the provision of contributive, economic, regulatory and fiscal incentives, that facilitate the recruitment of some categories of workers through specific types of contracts. To gain access to unburdening, companies must provide regular contributions in respect of the obligations provided for by law and by collective labour agreements.

It’s the task of the Labor Consultant to analyze the needs of the customer and figure out the best direction to go. It analyzes the facilitated hiring every time that the company intends to carry out the recruitment and it verifies the different incentives (contributive and economic) that can be accumulated, allowing the company to significantly reduce personnel costs. Knowing the rules and applying them in the interest of the company, we create the added value that makes the difference. Often, it is not a problem of costs but of flexibility. Each situation must therefore be individually analyzed in detail.

Having staff who, in a short time and without special constraints, meets the needs of the enterprise (handle exceptional orders and production demands), allows the entrepreneur to accept assignments of variable duration and deal with intense working periods without many worries. The entrepreneur simply wants to work when there is work, without worrying about having to manage conflicts and costs when the production drops: the facilitated and / or flexible hiring are the right tool to help this condition.

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