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Employment Contracts: recruitment and individual agreements

Employment contracts are real legal agreements between two contracting parties: the employer and the worker. Often the importance of the employment contract is undervalued and simply called “recruitment letter.” The two sides, in fact, thanks to the contract, constitute an employment relationship in which the interests are definitely opposed. However, the transparency of the agreements and the detailed analysis of content, allow maximum clarity in the performance of the service and reduction of litigation at the contract termination.

Types of employment contract:

  • permanent contract
  • fixed-term contract
  • supply contract
  • on-call contract (also known as a job on call)
  • contract for coordinated and continuous collaboration
  • apprenticeship


Knowing the reality of the company, the worker role, duties and responsibilities in the company, allow the labor consultant to figure out the best way to use compensation, by defining rights and obligations, and consequent limitations and benefits. Often the entrepreneur defines a net wage with the worker without thinking about the importance of establishing its composition and variability.

It’s the task of the labor consultant to assist the entrepreneur in proposing a non-competitive agreement with a minimum guaranteed duration, in adding additional salary to the minimum contractual wage, in inserting a derogation clause for the working hours and in defining the use of business tools.

After the selection of personnel, which allows the identification of the right person in the right place, the employment contracts are another fundamental element to be reckoned with.

“Better safe than sorry”: let’s not forget.

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