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Labour Consulting Online Questions

Counts for lawyers and technical consultants for differences in wages

Studio Paserio assists companies to manage the differences in wages. The 25-year experience in labour law and the reputation acquired on the territory have allowed Studio Paserio to create synergies, partnerships and professional relationships with diverse lawyers in the area.
The differences in wages can result from:

The payment of a wage below that provided by the CCNL

The lack of recognition of the transition to a qualification or to a higher level

Improper contracts

The lack of acknowledgement of seniority

The non-payment of all or part of the TFR

The lack of recognition of the overtime working hours done by the employees

Miscalculations in the payrolls

The contractual sectors followed are manifold, therefore the consultation of databases and online journals allows to have: contractual and legal tables, regulations, doctrine, jurisprudence and practice of quality and timely updated.

The technical reports that are prepared are detailed and supported by the sources, ready to be presented to the court if needed.

In addition to the cases in the field of labor law, Studio Paserio assists companies as Technical Consultant. As Technical Consultant, the task of the Labour Consultant will be to:

Assist companies as expert in the field of labor law

Sustain and interact with the Court-Appointed Technical Consultant to verify the counts of the dispute

Develop observations explaining their motivations

Attend the hearings and the council chambers where the Court-appointed Technical Consultant is located

Studio Paserio currently cooperates with several law firms in writing the technical reports aimed to detect wage differences. It’s possible to book an appointment with our professionals for a personalized consultancy.

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