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Business Check up

The business check up is the verification of the correct application of rules and procedures in the field of human resources management, personnel administration and full application of laws and contracts, with the correct payment of contributions, premiums and taxes as required by Italian law. The introduction of this procedure comes from the fact that companies are scared by the possibility of lose the control on the situation. Often the Personnel subject is a difficult one, poorly understood by companies and this has its downsides. In particular, the entrepreneur does not know exactly if, in the process of inspection, he will have some nasty surprises or if he can continue to sleep soundly. Relying on the professionals of Studio Paserio is the ideal solution for the correct application of adequate business controls.

Business Managment

The business check up doesn’t just prevent possible disputes with inspection bodies and workers, it also “improves” and “optimizes costs”. Critical issues and strengths are identified and solutions are proposed in order to optimize the management of the company.

How does a company check up? The basic steps are:

  • Assessing the business status quo
  • Defining the scope and field of the analysis
  • Defining time and modality of performance
  • Preparing the specific tools used for the check up
  • Carrying out interviews with the staff, collecting data and information
  • Processing and analyzing the collected data
  • Drafting and discussing the final data

From a company check up it will be possible to monitor the smooth implementation of contributive, fiscal and economic relief and the organization of the processes used to improve their implementation and cost containment.

Advising the customer on the use of IT tools to increase productivity and offering innovative solutions to increase efficiency: they’re all things that can be used to start monitoring and managing costs in a more responsible and constructive way.
The company check up has to be seen, therefore, as the starting point for a continuous improvement.
Interested companies can contact us and book an appointment.

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