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Labour Consulting

According to Studio Paserio doing “Labour Consulting” means provide to its clients over 25 years of experience to support the entrepreneur staff management.
business-check-upOur focus moves from a careful listening to specific questions, aimed to map the business status quo and draw information that help professionals to offer a range of strategic solutions to the critical issues, with a high quality content and a guaranteed result.

Labour Consulting Firm: what we do

Our firm advises and assists the customer at 360 degrees: from the setting to the termination of the employment relationship, from the choice of the contract typology up to the litigation management. We offer assistance in litigation and labor disputes, sometimes relying on trusted partners. At Studio Paserio operate licensed professionals, members of the Labour Consultants Order. Our staff is experienced, qualified and has the skills to respond to all the needs of any business: interpersonal communication, analyticity, customer orientation and resolution capabilities are our strengths.

Our services in the field of Labour Consulting are:

– Contracts of employment and individual agreements
– Social safety nets
– Disputes with the worker
– Second level bargaining (business contracts) and corporate welfare
– Facilitated and flexible recruitments
– Counts for lawyers and technical consultants
– Business Checkup

Online Labour Consulting

Studio Paserio has always offered its services through cutting-edge software and platforms that allow the diverse needs of customers to meet, both micro-enterprises and large companies. To offer a complete assistance, Studio Paserio offers an online Labour Consulting service: you can contact us in the “Online Questions” for a fast and personalized assistance. Our goal is to work alongside you.

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