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Increased productivity: business bonus and staff promotion

Staff motivation is seldom linked to money. The business bonus, the esteem of colleagues or the self-realization may be some of the reasons that push us to work well. Everyone has their own motivational lever and the task of the HR Problem Solver is to understand and identify it, so as to meet the requirements of the employee in the interest of the entrepreneur.

Staff Assessment

The staff assessment indicates the company’s system to recognize the performance of each worker periodically and according to standard criteria.

The objectives of this process are:

  • improving the performance of human resources by focusing them on the achievement of corporate objectives;
  • listing the skills and potential of human resources and identifying the possible need to improve them through training of the existing staff and recruitment of new staff;
  • determining the production bonus to encourage deserving employees.

It’s indeed very important to recognize the commitment and achievement of the objectives assigned to each employee. For this reason, Studio Paserio has a fundamental task: to define and implement career plans and professional development plans, including economic incentives, additional services (corporate welfare) and granting a performance bonus to the most deserving employees, always with the goal of optimizing personnel expenses and, at the same time, the satisfaction of the employees.

Calculation of the business bonus

The company bonus is an element added to the basic salary. We can distinguish different types depending on the profile of the employee to which it is assigned and the method by which it is calculated. The amount of the performance bonus and the criteria for the calculation will vary from company to company. These parameters are chosen on the basis of indicators defined by the company management and the union representation and they measure the efficiency of either the individual production unit or of the company as a whole.

Studio Paserio offers solutions based on the introduction of the performance bonus to increase productivity without burdening the business profitability, thanks to its long experience in the field of Employment Consultancy and Business Organization.

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