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Human Resource Managment – HR problem solver

Studio Paserio is specialized in managing human resources: our professionals believe that professionalism and humanity go hand in hand. Every person, with its experience and its emotions, is unique and unmatched. Though, often, we tend to see, hear and contextualize the events on the basis of our own way of thinking and seeing things. This creates problems in communication that, with the pass of time, it can lead to demotivation, absenteeism and loss of productivity.

Human Resource Managment: why it is important?

The Human Resource Management is a company procedure that deals with the management of the staff, but it implies a much more complex concept that is based on motivation, commitment and participation of the staff. The way of doing business today has changed considerably and, consequently, also the personnel management has undergone major transformations: managing human resources is no longer seen as a cost, but a key part of the organization.

Studio Paserio, as HR Problem Solver, has the task of entering in the companies and actively listen to the entrepreneurs and the workers. It’s often necessary to look for the origin of the problems. Letting the people speak like a raging river and observing the language (verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal), provide to the HR Problem Solver the information to identify the cause and the process to correct the problem.

The main activities of human resources management are:

  • recruitment, selection and assessment of the staff;
  • strengthening of the staff training;
  • improvement of relations and communication between employees and managers;
  • performance evaluation;
  • stimulation of the staff.

There are no operating procedures or a standardized system, indeed every business situation is a special case that can be solved thanks to the experience, training, skills and empathy of the HR Problem Solver. The important thing is that any conflict must be managed in a way that both parties (employer and employee) come out “win win” and continue a common path characterized by respect, trust and reliability.

Motivation to work

In an increasingly competitive and flexible market, employee motivation has become a key variable for businesses. The staff, in fact, can determine the success or failure of a company, so workers need to be more determined and motivated to be successful. To motivate an employee nowadays it’s no longer enough to bestow rewards, since motivation is totally subjective: every worker can be more or less attracted by self-realization or economic security. For this reason it’s necessary to analyze deeper the aspects that lead to success. The Human Resource Management follows the constant application of these motivational factors, by building over time a better communicative relationship, generating motivation and developing a more cohesive team spirit.

Relying on Studio Paserio for managing human resources is the best choice: our HR Problem Solver will find all the appropriate motivations that will make you achieve success.

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