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Business Organization

How important is the business organization? An organized company has stable foundations, capable to withstand over time and evolve.
The company can be considered a macro socio-technical system, in which human resources and technologies interact, aiming at achieving certain goals. Defined roles, clear procedures, transparent competence maps, shared and measurable objectives, open and constructive communication, allow to have motivated and proactive employees. A well-organized company is able to meet the needs of customers at the lowest possible cost and time.

A proper organization is characterized by:

  • The choice of the most appropriate organizational structure
  • The correct sizing of resources
  • The mechanisms for coordinating the staff
  • The division of the workload
  • The performance control
  • The communication systems
  • The improvement processes

The task of Studio Paserio, as HR Problem Solver, is to join the companies, listen to the employer and the workers, identify problems, propose solutions and suggest actions aimed at improving the business climate and increasing productivity.

The services offered are:

  • Personnel training
  • Human Resources Management
  • Increased staff productivity



The first step for an efficient business organization is business planning.
Business planning is the process by which each company sets its own objectives and the way to achieve them. The planning involves making decisions about:

  • the objectives to be achieved in a given period of time;
  • the actions and resources needed to achieve the objectives;
  • the timing, methods and organization needed to add or use resources.



Studio Paserio offers a consulting service specialized in the assistance of its managers and staff in order to assures better processes. We support entrepreneurs to help businesses grow by improving the climate and the motivation of its resources and by helping the staff to achieve the objectives.
If you would like more information about our consulting services please contact us.

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